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To our virtual studio! Dive into a lifestyle where design meets nature and sustainability.

Virtual Studio - Design Inspired by Evelyn K & the power of AI.

Hi I 'm Evelyn Kloczko

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Welcome to Evelyn K Design, where your home's transformation into a sustainable sanctuary begins. I'm Evelyn, the heart and soul behind our eco-conscious interior design philosophy. With a passion deeply rooted in the harmony between nature and living spaces, I've dedicated my design study to crafting interiors that resonate with beauty and functionality and embody the principles of sustainability. My journey in interior design has been guided by the belief that our homes should reflect our values, a place where sustainability meets sophistication and comfort. By meticulously selecting materials that are both kind to the planet and aesthetically pleasing, I ensure that every project we undertake celebrates the uniqueness of each client while minimizing our environmental footprint. Join me in embracing a design ethos where every choice is made with intention, every space tells a story, and every home becomes a haven for well-being and sustainable living.

Modern Rustic Living Room
"After many years in the home, I needed to make it more mine. Evelyn is a dream to work with. She helped me figure out my “style” and gave me as many options as I needed to finally decide. She communicates timely and remained in budget. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and plan on using her services again soon."

Gene H.

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Evelyn Kloczko

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At Evelyn K Design, our mission is to transform your living environment into a sanctuary that marries sustainability with style. Central to our offerings are interior decorating and redesign services that breathe life into your spaces, ensuring each room is a testament to your distinct style and eco-conscious values. Our attention to detail and keen styling sense allows us to craft spaces that are not just visually stunning but also deeply personal and reflective of your lifestyle.

Our expertise in space planning ensures that every square foot of your space is optimized for beauty, functionality, and flow, making your daily life effortlessly enjoyable. For those aiming to elevate their property into a desirable rental, our designing-to-rent service is your ticket to success. We specialize in enhancing your space to captivate the perfect tenants or guests, turning your property into a sought-after retreat.

Choose Evelyn K Design to create more than just a living space; let us design a place where you can truly flourish, surrounded by the beauty of nature and designs that speak to your soul.

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