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Design To Rent

Elevate your rental property to the next level with our bespoke Design to Rent Service, crafted specifically for landlords and property investors aiming to maximize their rental income. This service offers tailored interior design solutions that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property but also cater to the preferences of your target tenant market. By focusing on strategic design elements that promote functionality, comfort, and style, we ensure your property stands out in the competitive rental market. From selecting the perfect color schemes to optimizing the layout for a spacious feel, our expert team works meticulously to create inviting spaces that attract high-quality tenants. Whether you're looking to furnish a new rental or refresh an existing one, our Design to Rent Service is your key to securing higher rental returns and reducing vacancy periods, making your investment more profitable and desirable.

What Our Clients Say

Boho Interior Design
Kris and Christine client photo

We had the absolute pleasure of meeting and working with Evelyn. Upon our first consultation, we reviewed our budget and what we had envisioned for furnishing and designing our four-bedroom home. She took care of everything design, including assembling furniture, cabinetry, TVs, games room, kitchen supplies, and toiletries.  It was turned the key to perfection!!
At the time, it seemed like an impossible time frame and task. However, Evelyn set a very realistic expectation of what to expect and how we could potentially get it done.
Soon after the consultation, the ball was immediately rolling. We could tell she knew exactly what we were looking for and how to bring our vision to life. It started with her sending us room-by-room design boards and renderings. It kept us completely involved in every step of the design process. She could truly capture what we envisioned down to every detail.
Now we are sitting in our gorgeous designed and furnished home, feeling incredibly thankful to Evelyn and the entire process with her. She is exceptionally talented and a sweetheart to boot!!! She went far beyond our expectations, and we can’t wait to work alongside her again in our future projects!

Kris & Christine S.

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